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Our experience at your disposal since 1968.

Although it may seem recent, “Euroway®” was born in 1968. Designed in those years by its main founder: Giorgio Della Beffa who already imagined the road to a united Europe in the currency as well as in business.
Since the first years, Euroway has been dedicated to the production of very special items for “business to business”, working polymers with vacuum technology, including the famous Ring-a-Date Calendar then quickly specialising in the production of ballpoint pens and fountain pens.
Over the years, the production has expanded from the Promotional to the Souvenir and Gift sectors. Design of items has always been treated internally by a team of technicians with a long experience in this field. We have also registered several patents, obtained for utility models.

Our company has always tried to offer its customers innovative, original and exclusive ideas, while maintaining high quality standards of products and always putting the “quality” as a fixed point in every production process, making real the definition of “MADE IN ITALY”.
All this is achieved thanks to our seriousness and transparency according to specific “business ethics” that so far led us to success. Euroway considers every Customer a “Premium” Partner, promoting cooperation development and “customer satisfaction” as key points.
We use raw materials of high quality standard: ABS and transparent methacrylate.
Production is carefully treated in all the stages so we always ensure that the product is also able to become the image and means of communication for the company that chooses our products: proud to say 100% MADE IN ITALY.

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