Tita Pen Mat Gold Art. 3.040-R

Customizing is simpler than ever. Choose from the models, We will be happy to include your decorative papers without any extra cost.

Tita Pen Mat Gold

Tita Pen Mat Gold

Tita Pen Mat Gold

Download tech specification in pdf.

Tita Pen Mat Gold Art. 3.040-R

Product details/Description
– Ball Point click Pen made in ABS polymer
– Refill: replaceable standard size black ink, unscrewing the tip.
– Possibility to mount “type Parker” refill with 4000mt writing distance. (Art.3.P40)
– Personalizzazione: your paper with plus 22% of visible area than other models.
– Graphic protected by transparent polymer body.
– Mat Gold trims finishing.
– Packaging: loose in bags of 100 pieces.

Our pens are made of quality materials. From transparency to new colors we take care of every finishing, We have done it since 1968. Today “the personalization” is our strength, We can deliver from a minimum quantity of 200 pcs.

We take care of your decorative papers. We use image protection technology from external agents on all our ballpoint pens that preserves their quality over time.




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