Added Value

Our pens are made of high quality materials. From transparency to new colors we take care of every finishing, We have done it since 1968. Today, personalization is our strength, we can deliver from a minimum quantity of 200 pcs..

High Quality Raw material policy

We pay attention to every single detail. Both metals and polymer use high quality raw materials.

Customizable HD graphics

We print your images with high-resolution digital color customised printers (CMYK). Printing is done 360 ° on all pen and customizable parts. On request, we can also improve the colors of your files to ensure optimum performance.

Changeable Refill

All of our pens are reusable for infinity. Once the write refill is exhausted, the customer can replace it with a new one simply by unscrewing the tip.

Protected Graphics

Graphic elements and media on all our ballpoint pens use image protection technology from external agents that preserves their quality over time.

All-Inclusive Prices

Added value to our products is the professionalism and the fast customizing and shipping our articles for fairs, exhibitions and events. No additional costs are required for printing and personalization facilities. Our strength is customization, ensuring low prices even for small quantities.

Made in Italy

Our ballpoint pens are completely manufactured in our factory. Production is handled at all stages so we can always guarantee that the product is not just an ordinary pen, but image and communication for the Company that chooses our “MADE IN ITALY” products”.

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