Globe Pen 8 Colours Art. 1.040-P

Customizing is simpler than ever.
Choose from the available models & colours, We will be happy to include your photos and graphics without any cost.

Globe 8 – Roed

Globe – Pink

Globe – Orange

Globe – Yellow

Globe – Light Green

Globe – Green

Globe – Light Cyan

Globe – Blue

Download tech specification in pdf.

Globe Pen 8 Colours  Art. 1.040-P

Caratteristiche tecniche
Penna a sfera a scatto.
– Penna in ABS e clip in metallo;
– Refill: sostituibile standard size black ink, svitando la punta.
– Personalizzazione: stampa digitale a 360° su corpo.
– Grafiche protette da corpo in polimero trasparente.
– Colori terminali: 8 colori disponibili. Mappamondo bianco con stampa in blu. Colore clip: oro lucido.
Confezioni: sacchetti da 100pz.

Our pens are made of quality materials. From transparency to new colors We take care of every finishing, We have done it since 1968. Today “the personalization” is our strength, We can deliver from a minimum quantity of 200 pcs.

Added value to our products is the professionalism and the fast customizing and shipping our articles for fairs, exhibitions and events. No additional costs are required for printing and personalization facilities. Our strength is customization, ensuring low prices even for small quantities.




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